Days of Self-Portraits

28-01-2019 I decided to commit to a 1000 days of self-portraits series.
I finished the series 23-10-2021.

It took me 142,86 weeks or 32,87 months or 2,74 years. It was a long journey that changed me as a person and photographer in many ways. I learned lots of things, gained so many experiences and occasionally lost parts of my sanity.
During this series I realised you can display a human in 1000’s of different ways.

3 years later, will I expose this work, will I release a book? Stay tuned…


Ride for Rights

In 2021 I documented Amnesty Internatiol action: Ride for Rights. A large group of motorcyclists gathered at the Westergasfabriek, from there they toured the city adorned in rainbow colours. With this they drew attention for LGBTQ+ rights in Poland.

More info: www.amnesty.nl/actueel/ride-for-rights


End of an Era

Brokking was an old factory for fodder, located next to the channel de Zaan in Wormerveer. The building from 1930 was being demolished to make room for new houses. The demolishing was an incredibly spectaculair sight. A landmark of the region since the days of my grandparents, now a pile of rubble resembling a warzone.

I documented a part of history for my region the Zaanstreek.


The move of the Zaans Medisch Centrum

In 2014 the building of a new hospital started, right next to the old building. In januari 2017 they started the process, the move was planned meticulously. To move the patients they build a tunnel from one place to the other. It was an impressive collective effort to behold.