Days of self-portraits

28-01-2019 I decided to commit to a 1000 days of self-portraits series.
I finished the series 23-10-2021.
It took me 142,86 weeks or 32,87 months or 2,74 years. It was a long journey that changed me as a person and photographer in many ways. I learned lots of things, gained so many experiences and occasionally lost parts of my sanity.
During this series I realised you can display a human in 1000’s of different ways.

If you’re wondering why I felt the need to do this series: it was an impulse decision. I made the reasons up on the spot whenever people asked me: ‘Why?’ Because to me it simply didn’t matter, as long as I kept the series going. That might be the most important lesson I learned through completing this series.

Three years later, will I expose this work, will I release a book? Stay tuned…

For now the series is visible on my instagram