Days of self-portraits

Between 2019 en 2021, I made a self-portrait every day for a 1000 days, in total It took me 142,86 weeks or 32,87 months or 2,74 years. The foundation: ‘Stichting Kunst & Cultuurbevordering Nederland’ gave me a subsidy to make a book of a selection of the 1000 photo’s. Gallery PLAY room helped with this process. With this project I wanted to improve every day, become more creative and develop a relentless work-ethic. It was a process of personal development, a coming of age series. Although the goals initially were much more simple. I learned lots of things, gained so many experiences and occasionally lost parts of my sanity. During this series I realised you can display a human in 1000’s of different ways.

Sunday the 27th of November at 14:00 Gallery PLAY room in Zaandam the book  will be
presented. Alongside the opening of a solo exhibition to accompany the book.
This expo will be from 27th of november till 11 december on Fridays,
Saturdays and Sundays from 13:00 till 18:00 in PLAY room, Westzijde 99, Zaandam


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