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Het Verhaal Erachter

Location: Weefhuis, Lagedijk 39

Time and date: 28 October -29 October

A group exhibition in wich the theme is Artworks with meaning or a story behind them.

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Meer Vermeer

Location: De Fabriek, Jan Sijbrandsteeg 42

Time and date: 30 June – 31 August

A group exhibition in wich the theme is art works in the style of Vermeer

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‘Hair’ (done) and atelier route

Location: FluXus, Westzijde 168, Zaandam and Kemphaanstraat 62, Wormer

Time and date: 20-21 may (11:00-17:00) 03-4 & 10-11 june (12-17:00)

An overview exhibition of the upcoming atelier-route in the Zaanstreek. the theme is: hair for more info checkout the website of Tengel

POP’ – A preview (done)

Location: PLAY room

Time and date: 31 march – 23 april

New photo’s and a preview to a new series, I will be taking part in a group exhibition in Gallery PLAY room. From 31-03 till 23-04.

the other participants are: Ciaran Bowen, Herman Brood, Burning Desk, Laura van Dijk, Ben Eine, Bram Ellens, Ruth Horstmanshoff, Evelien de Jong, Ralph Posset, Sagrasse, Ivan Tuzov, Lux Vortex, Jasmine de Vries en Leon van Wijk.

‘Hoe ik je zie’ – 1000 (done)

Location: ArtZaanstad

Time and date: 25 februari 2:30 P.M. – 10 april

I will be participating in a group exposition ‘’Hoe ik je zie’ from Artzaanstad with new prints on new materials of my series 1000 days of self-portraits along side Elizabeth Koning, Hobie Minnebreuker and Teun Anders & Monique van Laake


1000 – Book release (done)

Location: PLAY room (Zaandam, Westzijde 99)

Time and date: 26 november – 11 december

My Artbook: 1000 days of self-portraits, in collaberation with foundation SKCN and gallery PLAY room, will be released on the 27th of november. Including a solo exhibition in Gallery PLAY room.

Zaanse glorie (done)

In collaboration with Fluxus, PLAY room and Café Mama Foundation White Cube is organising “Zaanse Glorie” in collaboration with Fluxus, PLAY room and Café Mama Foundation. The goal of this exposition is to gain awareness for the artist located in the Zaanstreek.

I will be one of 17 Zaanse artists. The artists were selected for their qualitative work as well as the way they express the unique, industrial characteristics of the Zaanstreek within their work.

Location: PLAY room (Westzijde 99) en Fluxus (Westzijde 168)

Time and date: 7-30 October 13:00 – 18:00

Fr. 7 october opening 18:00 – 21:00

Brokking (done)

Location: ‘de Loads’, Noordervaartdijk 2c te Krommenie.

Time and date: 2, 3 july and 9, 10 july

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