David de Lange



Hey! I’m David, an artist/photographer. In 2016 I finished my education in photography (Fotovakschool Amsterdam). Ever since then I’ve been making images/pictures of people, places and my imaginations and I’ll probably never stop!

If you like my work and you’re interested in buying it or you want to work with me, let me know! You can e-mail me or send me a DM on Instagram. But I’d much rather have it you call me!

I am available for conceptual projects, all types of portrait photography, commercial shoots, journalism, events and image editing for others.

+ 31 (0) 637178679

Clients, Collaborators, Galleries and Museums

Amnesty International (nl), Zaans Medisch Centrum, Zorgcirkel, Bij de Les, BiOND, Gemeente Wormerland/Oost-zaan, Noordhollandsdag-blad, Young Leaders, 075- Heroes, All In The Picture, GGD Amsterdam, Noordhollands vormgevers, Kaaijk Metaalbewerking, All4Services, Gallerie PLAY room, Explore the North, Youth Better Do It, Noorda en Co, Optimaal Lokaal Media, Augeo Foundation, Zaanse Regenboog, Art Zaanstad

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